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Police officer ‘seriously assaulted’ in Delabole arrest – BBC News

The three officers were called in after reports a man was acting in a threatening manner in a shop.

Source: Police officer ‘seriously assaulted’ in Delabole arrest – BBC News

No mention of mental health

The BBC article makes no mention that mental health was a very important factor in this incident. 45-year-old Nigel Raynor from Camelford sought mental health support well before this incident. Unfortunately it seems he didn’t get the help he so badly needed from the Local Community Mental Health Team (LCMHT).

Facebook posts bring the real truth to light

The incident was first reported incorrectly by Cornwall Live, the county’s leading local news site, stating a hostage situation had happened in the quiet village of Delabole.

In reality, Mr Raynor had become unwell and amidst a a skirmish with police, a police officers ankle had been broken. This was all because Mr Raynor had become unstable after not receiving the support he requested. As can be seen from these Facebook posts:

Nigel Raynor mentally ill Facebook comments

Mental health ignorance and stigma

Sadly, there were some very ignorant responses to this incident with some believing the vast majority of mental illnesses are brought on by people who misuse drugs.

Although there is no doubt a few individuals who may want to live this way, it certainly isn’t common or typical. Thankfully, the majority of people seem to be very understanding and knowledgeable of mental illnesses.


Perhaps the saddest part of this incident can be summed up in this Facebook post by a friend of mentally ill Nigel Raynor:


I do hope that Nigel gets the hope he needs. There should at least be a Community Psychiatric Nurse to support and liaise with him whilst he’s in crisis and in custody. He needs to be admitted to a suitable unit and not kept in a cell for three days.

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Alan is a mental health service user in Cornwall, UK. Although generally the NHS has been very good with his care, their are some weak links. Thats why he started this blog, to share experiences and resources on various mental health illnesses. Also, to bring the headlines about mental health to the foreground. Alan enjoys walking his dogs, taking photos, watching movies and playing the PS4 :-)

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