Mixed Episode Bipolar

What is mixed episode bipolar?

The mixed state is the alternation of depression and mania in the same period. For example the sufferer may feel hyperactive, while being sad and suicidal. This mixed state is the most disabling of the bipolar disorders and even more dangerous because it combines suicidal ideas or negative thoughts. The mood swings react much like a weather vane.


 In the mixed state, manic symptoms and depressive symptoms are entangledThe mood isvariable, all bipolar symptoms are observedsadness with mental and physical excitement, euphoria with fatigue, sadness but mental excitement with physical slowdown …


The diagnosis of mixed episode bipolar will find mania episodes combining a classic manic state with at least three depressive symptoms including moods of sadness that is often masked by theagitation, hostility and anxiety of the patient. This is a common and serious form of mixedepisode. These episodes represent a high risk of suicide.


Antidepressants, mood stabilisers and antipsychotics are all medications with a proven track record in treating cyclothymia. Electroconvulsive therapy may also be an effective solution in some patients.