About Me

Hi, I’m Alan

Alan and his two dogs

In 2012 I had a, shall we say, “experience” involving my mental health and the british police. It wasn’t a nice experience. Since then, I have read many reports of similar instances where those with mental health illnesses come into contact with police and dealt with insensitively. Sadly some even dying in police custody.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder with psychosis. It was diagnosed 20 years after I first exhibited the signs. This was because I had hidden it so well behind various “masks” and had tried to self medicate with alcohol. Eventually I could hide it no longer from those close to me and I sought help first from my GP and then a psychiatrist. I see my GP monthly, CPN (community psychiatric nurse) monthly and psychiatrist twice a year.

I hope to share with you the many injustices with mental health and the police. Also, unfairness and mistreatment of disabled people by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). I am a service user, and have learned the hard way how ridiculous, unfair and underhand the assessments are for the work capability assessment and the personal independence payment. This is a very common news item in the UK press and yet nothing is improving.

I’ve successfully helped people through the PIP and WCA processes both personally and through Facebook Groups.

To chill out I enjoy walking my dogs in the Cornish countryside and taking photos. I am often online playing PS4. I enjoy watching films and reading and love DIY.